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The California Missions Resource Center is proud to offer for sale a variety of interesting, educational and informative resources for the California Missions.
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California Mission Fact Sheets

What Do You Want to Know about California’s Missions?

It’s all here in the Key Fact Sheets - available for each of the 21 missions.

Each Fact Sheet Contains:

• Official, popular and special names
• Patron Saint
• Key Dates - for ALL Important Events
• The Indian tribes whose joined
• Where the mission was founded, and how they got water
• What the mission really looked like in mission era
• Livestock and agricultural data
• Architectural Floor plan of church (when available)
• Prominent Players in mission history
• Intriguing, Often Lesser-Known Facts
• Major Historic events (illustrated)
• Notable art
• Contemporary photographs
• Related California history

Fact Sheets come in two information packed 8 1/2" x 8 1/2 " laminated pages

California Missions Collector Cards (Complete Boxed Set of all 21 Missions)

These Collector Cards feature full color photographs plus essential facts on each mission. Boxed set. Cards measure 2.5" by 3.5" (trading card size).

Twenty-two cards in initial set include one card for each of the 21 missions, plus a map card showing names and locations of all the missions, presidios and pueblos (towns).

Soldiers, Scoundrels, Poets & Priests: Stories of the Men and Women Behind the Missions of California

The book, Soldiers, Scoundrels, Poets and Priests puts flesh and blood on a profoundly important time in California's history through a vivid depiction, in words and images, of the people who birthed and nurtured California and the placed that formed it's shape and character.

This is the only book that assembles the stories of all the key players in the California mission drama into one fascinating volume.

This expanded second edition includes 30 biographies, 96 images and a 12-page glossary.

A new, generously illustrated timeline lists the major events and key dates from the year detailed planning for the Spanish settlement of Alta California began in 1768 through 1853. This vivid depiction, in words and images, of the people who birthed and nurtured California and the places that formed its shape and character, tells a gripping tale. The glossary and timeline make it a vital reference.

Patron Saints of the California Missions: Their Images, History and Wisdom

Includes 24 pages of interesting information on the California Missions Patron Saints. Each laminated page is 10" high by 4" wide at the widest point and is shaped to fit comfortably into one's hand.

The front of each page features a compelling image of the saint and a brief biography and noting the feast day. The back reviews where images of the saint can be found, how the saint can be identified, and a saying - plus an image of the mission for which the saint is named.

All of the pages are fastened with a ring for convenient flipping between pages.

The Illustrated Time Line of Junípero Serra's Life

This quality time line highlights key points extending from Fr. Serra's Birth through his Death and Subsequent Recognition and Beatification.

This generously illustrated publication (40 images) provides all of the important facts, key dates and events in the life of the Blessed Serra. It reflects the input and research of several mission scholars.

The California Missions' Timeline

Alta California 1768 to 1853

A definitive timeline showing the key dates and major events in the early years of California. Cover Meticulously researched by mission scholars.

This engaging timeline begins in 1768, when the Spanish began planning a five-part expedition to settle what they called Alta California and extends through 1853 when Archbishop J. S. Alemany filed a petition for the return of all former mission land, a process that would take decades to resolve.

6.5" x 7.25" unfolding panels highlight the important dates, significant events and intriguing facts in each of nine major eras, beginning with the Founding Era 1768-1770. Sample
The timeline also includes a map of Alta California, showing the location of all 21 missions, 4 presidios (forts) and 3 pueblos (free standing towns) established during the mission era.

A special panel details the fate of each mission after secularization.

The California Missions' Timeline contains eleven original mission event drawings by A.B. Dodge and Alexander Harmer, colorized for this product.

The California Mission Source Book

Two full pages of information in twenty-three categories on each of the twenty one missions. In addition the full story of the missions is told in a comprehensive Foreword and Afterword, illustrated with colorized drawings of key mission events, based on original early 1900s drawings by A.B. Dodge and Alexander Harmer

Additional material includes a large (8.5" x 17") 1823 map of California; a timeline showing the founding of each mission, pueblo, and presidio; and exhibits showing population data and mission demographics.

Richly illustrated with 55 historic drawings, 81 photographs, 19 PLAT maps, 14 architectural drawings and 9 mission paintings
8 1/2 " x 8 1/2", spiral bound, printed on heavy stock.

68 pages

Mouse Pad Featuring a Map of Alta California c. 1823

High quality, thin pads with a vynex surface. Measures 8" high by 9.5" wide.

The California Missions - A Complete Set of Laminated Pages with Vital Information on all 21 Missions

Features two back-to-back pages on each of the 21 missions, printed on heavy stock and laminated, richly illustrated.

Also includes an exhibit showing, for each mission, the total baptisms, marriages and deaths, and the population by decade from 1790 to 1832.

Ideal for teaching and reference use.

Packaged with a handsome dust cover to protect and store the key fact sheets.

The individual California Mission Fact Sheets are also available for each mission. Read More

Colorful Images of the California Missions

Enjoy 64 stunning, high-quality images, featuring two to four photographs of all twenty-one California Missions in four easy-to-browse galleries.

Works on PC and Macintosh.

Published on a CD which also includes a Windows-based Screen Saver (40 images) any of which can also be used to create computer wallpaper.