What saints are in the Mission San Francisco Solano?

There are several saints given prominent veneration at this mission.

High on the wall of the church is an oil painting of Saint Francisco Solano after whom the mission was named. Francisco Solano was born in Spain of noble parents in 1549. He joined the Franciscan order at the age of 20 and was ordained a priest at age 27. He spent his life as a missionary in Peru and Paraguay. He was noted as a preacher and an accomplished musician (he played the violin). Saint Francis Solano is known as the Apostle of South America. He was canonized in 1726.

There is a bulto (carved statue) of San Jose (Saint Joseph) on the right side of the altar in the chapel and a bulto of Our Lady of Sorrows on the left. There is a bas-relief image of San Juan Bautista on the tabernacle.