What was the most important item at Mission Nuestra Senora de la Soledad?

First of all let me congratulate you for using the full and correct name for this important mission.

During the mission era the church itself was usually considered the most important and central part of the mission. If you are asking what is the most important original object that remains, the bell would be a good choice. The bell was cast by Pablo Ruclas in Mexico City in 1794. This is a treasured, authentic object. Another important part of this mission’s history to be sure to see when you visit the mission is the place where Governor Jose Joaquin de Arrillago is buried. He died at the mission on July 24, 1814 while he was visiting his old friend Fr.Florencio Ibanez, the senior padre.

There is a sign marking the spot.

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I learned a lot about the missions when I was writing my book Soldiers, Scoundrels, Poets and Priests. In addition I belong to the California Mission Studies Association which has many real mission scholars among its members. When we receive really difficult questions I turn to experts in that group for help with the answers.

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