Could you give me a flat scale drawing of Mission Dolores as if you were looking at it from the sky?

I don’t have an aerial drawing but I can give you some facts and pictures that will help you to draw the mission complex.

San Francisco de Asis (Mission Dolores) was built as a quadrangle, like most of the missions. There was a cemetery next to the mission (on the left as you face the mission). The Mission Dolores church (now described as a chapel because of the large modern church next door) occupied one corner of the quadrangle, and the padre’s quarters extended along the front. The rest of the quadrangle consisted of workshops, storage areas etc.

Unfortunately, as the city of San Francisco grew, the buildings that formed much of the quadrangle were taken down. I am enclosing an early (1865) photo of the front when it was still pretty much intact.

San Francisco de Asis c. 1865

As the years went on the mission cemetery was reduced in size. Also by 1876 much of what remained of the other buildings to the right of the church were demolished in order to erect a new larger parish church.

In about 1933 the government sent out architects to draw historic buildings all over the country, including Mission Dolores. I am enclosing a diagram that they produced. Unfortuntely all that was left of the original complete mission (then and today) was the church and cemetery, which is shown (and measurements provided) in the drawing.