I am interested in a set of photo slides of the California Missions for my classes. Can you help?

Thank you for the encouraging comments on our website. The easiest way to obtain images is to acquire our CD Images of the California Missions. Any image you want to build into a presentation can be downloaded on to your computer (right click, save as picture on a PC). Once you have the images you want they can be arranged into a presentation using almost any presentation program (Power Point works fine). You can add text of course. This CD also contains summary information on each mission / each image. You have probably already discovered our website has a lot of information. In order to project the images you will need a digital projector. If the school doesn’t have one perhaps one of the parents do or they can be rented. If the class isn’t too large viewing a presentation on a computer isn’t totally impractical. To be candid slides are rapidly disappearing as a medium in the digital age. We have a collection of several thousand mission images, some of which are in the form of slides, but we mostly shoot with a professional digital camera (the Nikon D2X) these days.